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Kassie the Cat

Hello! I am a classy lassie with the right amount of sassy! I have some issues with anxiety; it takes me time to adapt to new environments, and I startle easily to sudden noises, so would do best in a home with children above six. Ideally, you have had cats before, and maybe even one with the same problems as me. Though I may get along with other animals, slow and patient introductions are needed. In the right place, I am an adoring, sweet kitty that loves to headbutt and purrs like a motorboat. If this sounds okay to you, come to say hi!

Feeling Smitten?

If you are interested in meeting and potentially adopting this lovely animal, come on by the store anytime between 9 am and 7:30 pm 7 days a week and let any of our staff know! At that point, we can evaluate the next step together.

We ask that potential adopters are 18 years or older, or accompanied by an adult.

All of POB's adoptable cats and bunnies are healthy and come with some beginner essentials for care such as flea and tick preventative and food. Pets On Broadway staff will also provide all information customers will need if they are a first-time pet owner.

Feel free to give us a call during business hours at 503-282-5824 if you have any other questions.