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with Korra the Black Lab mix


Do you have any hobbies? What are they?: I like to garden and I am attempting to aquascape. Every year I plant a relatively large garden and try to grow all of my produce. My house does not have a backyard anymore, but I have my garden all around the house in pots anyway! I love watching my seeds start and produce ripen on the plant. Nothing beats eating super fresh produce. I am also in the process of setting up a 46 gallon tank that I am trying to set up and make into a super natural aquascape. I currently have large pieces of Kiki wood in there covered with moss and have lots of little plants scattered all over the tank to give the fish plenty of places to hide and to add a sense of depth.


How did you first become interested in working with animals?: I first started working with animals when I was eight and started 4-H. Once I began to learn about my pet rabbit, it quickly grew into something that I wanted to continually learn about. over the years I became a rabbit breeder and even ran the rabbit project for my local 4-H club. I wanted to share all of the knowledge that I had with others so that we all could be knowledgeable about rabbits.


How are you and your pets similar?: I am very much like my rabbit. We both have strong personalities and know exactly what we want.And we both like to gorge ourselves on food all of the time!


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