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with Tober the Harlequin Rabbit


Position: Bunny Snugglin' & Bug Poking 

Who is your favorite fictional animal character? Why?: Frog and Toad, from the children's books. They were among the very first books that I can remember reading by myself, My favorite being the one where they make cookies so delicious that they cannot stop themselves from eating them. I can relate.

Describe yourself with a rhyme: I don't care if it's full of gluten, soy or fat
I'll never hesitate to ask “Are you gonna eat that?”

What childhood animal memory do you hold closest?: I found a Polyphemus silk moth chrysalis in the woods when I was still in preschool and my parents let me keep it until the moth emerged. It was hands down the largest and most beautiful insect I had seen at that point in my life, an absolutely stupendous animal. When I released it the next day it initially flew away before turning around and flying back to me, fluttering around my head once more before disappearing into the trees.


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