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with Junebug the Shih Tzu


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Tell us about your very first pet: Blade the Iguana was our first family pet, we got her when I was probably about 6 years old. We named her Blade because she was green just like a blade of grass. We thought Blade was a boy originally until she layed eggs! My sister and I loved her so much but ended up giving her to a friend who had lots of space for her to roam when she started to get too big for us. She loved to eat peas and squash.

If you could spread the awareness of one fact, what would it be? As a former dog groomer, I have seen a lot and the thing I took away from it all is: if you are getting a new dog, do your research on the breed and be honest with yourself about how willing you are to incorporate regular grooming into your lifestyle (and pocketbook). It is so important for their quality of life, they really do need it!

What animal is the most misunderstood and what are some positive things about it?
The Pitbull Terrier for sure. They are muscular, powerful and may look intimidating to some, but their natural temperament is very, very sweet. They are really angels at heart. In terms of fierceness: I'd say the Chihuahua or the Yorkie just may have them beat!


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