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Canidae has been going strong as a family-owned, independent pet food company for 22 years! Their ingredients are fresh and responsibly sourced from reputable farms and waterways that they're completely transparent about - so you can see for yourself!

They also have their own farm in Kansas, as well as their own "Ethos Pet Nutrition" facility in Texas, so that they can oversee only the best standards for their production manufacturing, research and development, and employee welfare. Read more about why Pets On Broadway loves this brand so much!

Pictured Above: Scott Whipple (Co-Founder & Owner)

Family-Owned Integrity

The founders of Canidae, John and Scott, are still the owners today! They met when they were in high school while working in a small local shop selling pet food, and they decided that they wanted to create their own pet food company to meet the standards they believed pets deserve. Their dream came to fruition in 1996, and they continue to thrive as a family-owned business with a working team that is a family at heart.

Canidae also prides themselves in the support they give to independent, family-owned businesses (just like Pets On Broadway). The majority of their farmers, ranchers, distributors, and retailers are independently owned. 

Quality Sourcing

Canidae makes sure their ingredients come from only the best sources, such as Wyoming ranches, our own Pacific Northwest waterways, and even New Zealand for their lamb meal, and France for their duck meal! 

The Grain Free PURE formulas use sweet potatoes, chickpeas, and peas, as well as all fresh meats, which means better nutrition and less fillers. The All Life Stages recipes use peas, whole grains, and even cranberries! They seek out the freshest, most wholesome ingredients.

We hope you'll stop by Pets on Broadway and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members about this awesome brand!