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FirstMate & Kasiks are Pet On Broadway's September foods of the month! 

FirstMate & Kasiks are two special pet food brands for many reasons! A few great aspects of this Canadian-based, family-owned pet food company is that they have exceptional standards of production, and that there is a wonderful pet food choice for every pet.


Canada has been known in the pet industry as a superior manufacturing location because of their higher standards of production. 

Canada has something called the CFIA (Canada Food Inspection Agency), similar to the United States FDA (Food & Drug Administration) that is a government run organization that has a branch designated to specifically regulate pet food to prevent illness to animals introduced by their food.

As many of us know, there are quite a few great and responsible American pet food companies out there that go above and beyond our government regulations, but it actually isn't a requirement like it is in Canada. That fact alone gives a lot of pet parents comfort when feeding FirstMate to their dog or cat!

Because they have their own human-grade cannery and dry food manufacturing facilities, they are able to oversee all production and make sure their high standards are honored.

Check out this video to get a virtual tour of their facility!

Nutrition for Every Pet

All of FirstMate & Kasiks pet food contains all-natural 100% non-GMO ingredients, contains absolutely no artificial colors or binders, and have an especially revered Limited Ingredient line that really walks the walk for pets with food sensitivities and allergies. There is something for all ages and sizes of dogs and cats, wet or dry, and many proteins to choose from.

FirstMate's very own executive vice president is also a Veterinarian and Pet Nutritionist!

Firstmate has also has a healthy, no corn no wheat no soy, super valuable and cost effective option for dog owners on a budget called "Skoki", named after the founder Mike Florian's first dog. This food is an especially great option for pet parents looking for the best option for the best value, while still knowing they are feeding their dog a high quality food.

Pictured Above: President and Founder Mike Florian with his dog Tahoe


Come on by Pets On Broadway to take a closer look at our deals for the month, and why FirstMate and Kasiks are one of our most beloved brands!