Fish & Aquarium Supplies

Pets on Broadway has a large selection of fish supplies here in Portland!

After all, we are the oldest and largest independent pet store in Portland.

We keep a healthy selection of freshwater, tropical and saltwater fish, crustaceans, coral, and live aquatic plants.

If you are a fish enthusiast, you may like to drop in sometime to see what we have that may be rare or specialized. We carry a wide variety of tanks, stands, food, decorations, and accessories.

If you are a Portland hobbyist, the fish department staff can pass on their knowledge and experience to you to help you get started, or help you solve any issues you may be having with your little water-dwelling friends.

Beginners to seasoned fish and aquatics lovers: come by and check out what we have in our tanks! You are bound to be delighted!

Need a Special Order? Wonder if we carry a specific product you are looking for in the store? No problem! Give us a call today at (503) 282-5824!

Check out some of our best sellers below, or use the handy-dandy search bar up at the top to find just what you are looking for!

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