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KLN family brands is a family-owned company that has been in business for over 50 years (3 generations)! KLN is comprised of the three lines of pet food & treats NutriSource, PureVita & Natural Planet Organics. All three offer unique benefits to fit the needs of different pets and families, while still maintaining a consistency of sustainability, affordability, exceptional nutrition and responsible manufacturing.


A main staple in KLN's values is their sense of community, and supporting the neighborhood. You won't find their products in mega pet stores, because they are dedicated to supporting only independently-owned and small businesses. They align with Pet's On Broadway in the way that they believe that a strong, healthy community is one that supports each other.

KLN even sources as locally as possible! Most of where they get all of their ingredients is within about a three hour travel distance from where they manufacture the food. They also have their own plant where they not only make the food, but also where they do all of their own milling of grains and legumes! They have been officially recognized for their waste reduction practices by converting a portion of their paved areas for grass and trees, have geothermal and "Green Globe Certified" corporate offices, and using very strict water and energy conserving practices.


Because of how nutritionally dense all KLN's kibble is, less is more. This translates into feeding less for more energy, less waste, and a better value for the customer.

KLN also has an entire supplement system in their kibble called "Good For Life" that contains certain key elements of nutrition that transcend all of their lines, and make them one of the most successful pet food companies around. 

  • Selenium (Sel-Plex) - Good for brain function and development, healthy growth in puppies, nutrition absorption, immune support, and antioxidant bioavailability.
  • YeaSac - A beneficial yeast that interacts with "bad" bacteria and removes it from the system entirely.
  • Bioplex - Trace minerals that help with nutrient absorption in digestion.
  • Bio-Mos - Prebiotic that interferes with pathogenic bacteria, controls pH, and helps with moisture re-absorption.
  • Nucleo-Sacc - Nucleotides (part of DNA) that increases absorption and surface are in the small intestine.
  • LG-Max (DHA) - A vital supplement for brain development and puppy growth that is sourced from algae.


As pet owners, our pet's food is often one of the first things we face our attention towards in regards to safety. KLN's safety standards are exceptional, in fact, they have been manufacturing their pet food in a human-grade facility (which means their pet food has to be human-grade and FDA approved as well) for nearly 50 years!

They are not only FDA certified, but also exceed USA food manufacturing standards as well as European.

At the KLN manufacturing facility, they have an in house chemistry lab where they test all of the raw ingredients for each and every batch of food they create, and they also test the food after it is cooked and before it goes out to stores.

Another amazing thing to point out about KLN is that in their entire 50 year history KLN has never had a recall!

All of these key points are more than most pet food manufacturers can say about their practices, and we'd like to spread the word!

Come on down to the store and ask any of our staff about why NutriSource, PureVita & Natural Planet Organics are great!

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