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30 Years of Whole Health Using Whole Foods

Merrick is the Pets On Broadway Food of the Month of May! Here are some of the reasons it's worth celebrating and why it is one of the most popular brands we sell!

A Family's Heart At the Core

The Merrick family (Garth and Susie Merrick) started this company on their own in 1988 in Hereford, Texas out of their kitchen.

Their beloved dog Gracie was the direct inspiration for a wet dog food formula called "Gracie's Favorite Stew."


High-Quality Nutrition

The most important thing pet owners look at in a food is nutrition - and rightfully so! Merrick has a few rules they always go by when it comes to formulation and manufacturing:

1. USDA-inspected deboned meats are used as the number one ingredient in all of their food recipes.

This is significant because as the number one ingredient, you know the meat protein is what is comprised of most of the food (not fillers or meat byproducts). Deboned meats also provide a higher protein level with lower levels of ash content.

2. They have their own manufacturing facility in Hereford, Texas.

This gives them full control and observation over manufacturing so that they know standards are being followed correctly. All of their ingredients come from local sources and nothing from China. This is more than many other pet food companies can say, and for customers, this means that they truly care about the quality of their food far more than they care about cutting expenses and maximizing profits.

3. Nutrition is guaranteed

Merrick believes that not only will your pet love the taste of the food, but they are always willing to refund customers if their pet's nutrition does not improve after switching. That is a claim of confidence and care!

A Smorgasbord of Choices

Some dogs and cats like a consistent variety, some dogs and cats have sensitivities or allergies, some dogs and cats will eat whatever you give them, and some dogs and cats know exactly what they like and stick to it for life!

Regardless of your pet's preferences or health requirements, Merrick has an option for it. From their limited ingredient diet formulas known as "Back Country" for animals with allergies and sensitivities to fun flavors like "Grammy's Pot Pie" or "Thanksgiving Day Dinner," your pet can explore all of Merrick's yummy delights!


Come on into the store during the month of May to get our Food of the Month deals for all Merrick foods and treats!