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Bayer Advantage II Flea Treatment & Prevention 21-55 Pounds Large Dog Topical Liquid

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Advantage II contains an adulticide (imidacloprid) and an insect growth regulator (pyriproxyfen) to kill all life stages of fleas. 

Furthermore, it kills fleas through contact, so they don’t have to bite your dog to die. 

One convenient application of Advantage II keeps working for one month!

Key Benefits:

• Kills all flea life stages
• Prevents fleas on a treated dog from infesting your home
• Kills fleas within 12 hours of initial application
• Kills reinfesting fleas within 2 hours
• Works through contact, so fleas don’t have to bite to die
• Waterproof

Advantage II is for use on dogs and puppies 7 weeks of age and older.

Not for use on cats.


Have more questions?

These answers to frequently asked questions may help!

What is an insect growth regulator (IGR)?
An IGR, such as pyriproxyfen, inhibits the development of flea eggs. It also offers additional larvicidal properties when compared with imidacloprid alone.

How does pyriproxyfen work?
Pyriproxyfen mimics the juvenile growth hormone of fleas. This hormone prevents immature flea stages from molting into the next stage of the life cycle and keeps them from developing into adult fleas.

Why is it important to use a product with an IGR?
With an IGR as part of your flea control, the flea life cycle is disrupted at multiple stages through different active ingredients and modes of action. This is often referred to as integrated flea control (IFC). The addition of an IGR to Advantage II adds larvicidal and ovicidal properties to target flea infestations and kill all flea life stages.

Is Advantage II waterproof?
Yes, there is no need to reapply the product after weekly swimming or a bath. For best results, use a non-detergent shampoo.