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Alien Flex "Jimmy & Joe" Squeaky Dog Chew Toy

Spunky Pup Alien Flex "Jimmy & Joe" Squeaky Dog Chew Toy

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Meet Jimmy & Joe!

Jimmy and Joe are a squeaking plush duo from outer space!

3 Layers with Alien Flex Gnaw Guard Protection

Great for chewing, fetching, and cuddling!

Jimmy and Joe are inseparable (literally) twin brothers with very different personalities. While Jimmy is super grumpy and never wants to leave their cave, Joe likes to make friends and smell flowers. When they put their heads together they have great powers like telekinesis, telepathy and mind control.

Special features:

  • Protected squeaker.
  • 3 layered reinforced lining.
  • Double layered stiching.
  • Compact shape.
  • Limbs attached to body.
  • Small limbs.

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