Cargo Cape Back Area Car Trunk Cover Pet Travel Accessory

Product Overview

Your dog has plenty of ways to mess up your cargo area, but let's not blame it all on her. From hauling trash to picking up a flat of geraniums, there are lots of things that can leave a mess. Keep things clean with our waterproof, stain-resistant Cargo Cape, with multiple attachment points to keep it from sliding around. But it literally doesn't end thereit comes with a unique fold-out flap to protect your bumper from superficial damage, like scratches.

  • Waterproof and stain-resistant
  • Waterproof RufftexÅ bumper guard can be stored up or folded down and has reflective trim for added safety
  • Center zipper to accommodate 50/50 seat splits
  • Mesh pockets for storage
  • Hook and loop back pieces to further secure
  • Piped edges contain dirt and water