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Chi II Filter Pad & Filter Foam Pad Value Pack

Fluval Chi II Filter Pad & Filter Foam Pad Value Pack

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Help keep your saltwater or freshwater aquarium in tip-top condition with Fluval’s Chi II Filter Pad & Filter Foam Pad. This value pack comes with three filter pads and one filter foam pad specifically designed for Fluval Chi Aquariums. When water contains a lot of debris and small particles, it can become very cloudy. These Fluval Chi II pads help to trap these impurities to keep your aquarium water clear and clean. This allows your finned friends to see better and helps to improve their living conditions.

  • Specially designed to fit Fluval’s Chi II Aquariums.
  • Premium filter pads are made of polyester that works to catch small particles and debris.
  • Helps remove cloudiness from water to promote clearer and cleaner water.
  • The filter pads used with the Chi filter foam pad helps keep your freshwater or saltwater aquarium water in pristine condition.
  • Every purchase comes with 3 Chi II replacement filter pads and one foam pad.