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Feline UTI + Urinary Tract Infection Formula Natural Liquid Drops Cat Supplement

HomeoPet Feline UTI + Urinary Tract Infection Formula Natural Liquid Drops Cat Supplement

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Provides relief from urinary tract infections by:

  • Easing burning
  • Tackling the anxiety often at the root of the problem
  • Supporting kidney function
Note: Not intended to cure infections. Only used to treat symptoms and provide urinary tract and kidney support. Please see your vet if your cat currently has a UTI.


    Dose medicine directly into mouth, in water or on food. Administer one dose 3 times per day, as needed. In acute cases, one dose every 15 minutes up to 6 doses may be given. When improvement is seen decrease frequency of dosing. If improvement is maintained, stop dosing after 2 days. If symptoms reappear, repeat original dose.

    Contact your veterinarian if problems persist.

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