Fresh Air Metal Screen Cover for Terrariums

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Product Overview

Zilla Screen Covers promote the necessary exchange of air to keep cold-blooded reptiles healthy and active. The metal mesh is tough enough to withstand the clawing of the largest pets. Secure the top with the Zilla Heavy Duty Screen Clips or the Zilla Non-Locking Screen Clips!

Designed with lighting in mind, the mesh stands up to the high temperatures that heat bulbs can generate. Long-lasting black steel frame keeps its shape through years of daily use.

  • Rigid steel frame is durable and long lasting
  • Steel screen withstands clawing from pets and high temperatures from heat fixtures
  • Black mesh design allows for necessary air flow in terrariums

These are also compatible with several of the Aqueon Standard Glass Rectangle Aquarium Tanks, just choose the appropriate size!

Zilla is one of our favorite brands for healthy reptile habitat staples. There is something for every reptile need! Zilla is also great with providing education for their customers. Check out our selection below and see why they have been a store favorite for years!