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K9 Ear Solutions Dog Ear Cleaner

Liquid Health K9 Ear Solutions Dog Ear Cleaner

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If you own a dog, it’s just a matter of time before you’ll need a quality dog ear cleaner that you can count on. Liquid Health Pets manufactures a high quality K9 dog ear cleaner that can help with dogs that are scratching their ears.

If your dog is scratching his ears or seems to be in discomfort you should always consult with your vet to see if a K9 dog ear cleaning solution is recommended for your dog’s ear problems. No need to take unnecessary risks trying a dog ear cleaning home solution that may have unknown consequences.

It is always important to wash and clean your dog’s ears on a regular basis. This is also true when using a K9 dog ear solution. Regular cleaning not only keeps your dog’s ears clean, it makes for a happy dog! 

K9 Ear Solutions is designed for use after bathing or swimming.


Isopropyl Alcohol, Boric Acid, Gentian Violet, Colloidal Silver