Party Tower Carpet & Jute Cat Tree Gray

Product Overview

  • Super soft, plush fabrics combined with durable jute
  • Jute rope scratching posts offer an appealing texture to cats, curbing inappropriate scratching behaviors
  • 5 lounging areas - Two bolstered day beds plus a large mid-level hideaway, swing hammock and a jumping platform
  • Plush, dangling, swat toy encourages kitty to play
  • 19 ¼'' Long, 19 ¼'' Wide, 52 3/8'' High
Prevue Hendryx
Prevye Hendryx is one of our favorite brands for small animals, birds, and even cats and dogs! They have been around for over 150 years creating safe, easy to use, easy to clean products for your pet to enjoy. Check out our selection below!