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Proper pH 7.0 Aquarium Water pH Stabilizer

API Proper pH 7.0 Aquarium Water pH Stabilizer

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Proper pH 7.0 easily sets and holds pH at 7.0 in tropical community aquariums!

pH is the measure of acidic or alkaline conditions of water.

A value of 7.0 corresponds to a neutral pH. pH values about 7.0 are considered alkaline, and pH values below 7.0 are considered acidic, and different fish need different pH levels to be healthy.

Check the pH level using a pH Test Kit, and if the pH is not at the desired level, use Proper pH to adjust and hold the level.

Proper pH 7.0 automatically sets and stabilizes pH at 7.0, removes chlorine & detoxifies heavy metals.

Proper pH 7.0 is for use in community aquariums and contains electrolytes to reduce fish stress.

For use when setting up aquarium or changing water.

Do not use in aquariums containing live plants.