Coarse Sponge Pad Replacement Filter for Aquariums

Product Overview

  • Coarse Foam
  • Reusable
  • Fits all Filters

Coarse sponge pad is a replacement for throw away cartridges in aquarium filters. Not only are the cartridges costly, they are also bad for the environment. Coarse sponge pads can be reused for many years with normal use. With this porosity of the foam, they are nearly clog proof. They also filter out larger particles of waste before getting to your fine filter pads or bio rings. 

Pore Size: 15ppi (different manufacturers rate porosity slightly different as it's an approximation)

Cleaning Instructions: Have a bag or container ready to put the sponge in once removed from the filter. Lift the water and sponge out to catch the majority of debris that will come off while removing. Next, use the aquarium water and squeeze out the debris from the sponge. Discard the water and get more water from the aquarium and repeat until sponge filter is mostly free of debris.

Reinstall the sponge and wait for a couple hours for the water to clear back up from the debris released when removing and reinstalling.

Filter Fitment: All Filters