Sportable Canine Camper Water Resistant Folding Travel Dog Crate with Mesh & Fleece Bed

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Product Overview

A Midwest Canine Camper is an excellent choice for people who travel frequently with their pets. They are ideal for taking with you on the road, whether you are staying with friends, family, in a hotel/motel, or you attend dog shows, the Canine Camper is a great tool.

Canine Campers fold easily, stay folded with clips and feature a carrying handle for easy transportation. The Sportable is the latest generation of Canine Camper for the discerning pet owner.

Easy to fold up and down, the Sportable includes a synthetic sheepskin pad for comfort and the entire crate folds down, clips shut and has a carrying handle for easy transportation.

The durable mesh windows allow for air circulation and along with the mesh, zippered-door, help your dog to feel secure and at home, but not trapped when in the Sportable.

  • Easily Folds for Travel
  • Sturdy Steel Frame
  • Includes Synthetic Sheepskin Pad
  • Water Resistant Material
  • Durable Mesh Screens for Air Flow and Visibility
  • Easy-Zip Mesh Door

Size Guide:

Small: For Dogs 4 - 25 Pounds
For Dogs 26 - 40 Pounds
For Dogs 41 - 70 Pounds
For Dogs 71 - 90 Pounds