Super Rewards with Superfoods Blueberry Cobbler Soft Baked Training Dog Treats

Product Overview

Three Dog Bakery’s tasked their chefs with crafting a new line of small treats that are darn close to treat PAWfection, Super Reward with Superfoods. Each Super Rewards recipe has wholesome ingredients you can pronounce along with antioxidant-rich superfoods you recognize like blueberries and brown rice. Even though each Super Rewards treat is full of superfoods, they’re also big on the pastry-inspired tastes that Three Dog Bakery is known for, like, Blueberry Cobbler flavor. They’re small in size, just 3 calories, which means they are a GRReat size for rewarding everyday achievements, like a good ‘sit’ or ‘who’s a good boy?’ Or as a treat for our smaller fur­ry friends. Plus, every Super Rewards with Superfoods recipe uses premium up­cycled food ingredients to help reduce global food waste. Super Rewards with Superfoods Blueberry Cobbler flavor are super for your pets AND super for the planet.


Dried bakery upcycled ingredients, wheat flour, vegetable glycerin, dried blueberries, canola oil, lactic acid, natural flavor, brown rice, dried whole egg