Waste Bag Holder for Dogs with Leash Attachment Apple Cider

Product Overview

Enjoy this 'Apple Cider' waste bag holder with a warm cup of cider! This natural colored poop bag holder is great for all the classy pups! Also doubles as a treat bag!
Sassy Woof

Sassy Woof's designs are the direct result of endless hours of careful thinking and meticulous attention to detail and crafting, inspired by their own two dogs at home. Sassy Woof focuses on developing new accessories and products every season to keep your pup's wardrobe as fresh as yours without breaking the bank.

Sassy Woof also helps dogs in need, which is one of the reasons they are one of Pets on Broadway's favorite brands! They have worked with many organizations in the past that are dedicated to rescuing and helping dogs such as: Feeding Pets of the Homeless, The Sato Project, Humane Rescue Alliance, Friends of Homeless Animals, PupStarz Rescue, Dachshund Rescue of South Florida, and Paws4People.

Sassy Woof also pledges to feed a shelter pup with every harness purchase and work with local shelters to ensure pups in need have the accessories they need to find their loving home.

Sassy Woof is a small business proudly based out of the suburbs of Washington DC!