Nelson’s Milk Snake

(Lampropeltis Triangulum Nelsoni)

Age: 6-8 months

Lifespan: 20+ years

Active period: Nocturnal (Active at night)

Adult Size: 3-4ft

Price: $110 (as well as 10% off any products for the animal at time of purchase)


POB has a few snakes we are looking to find good homes for. One of them–this beautiful Nelson’s Milk Snake–is estimated to be about 6-8 months old.

This snake is very handleable with our POB staff and eats frozen-thawed rodents.

The Nelson's Milk Snake often gets mistaken as Coral Snakes which are venomous. This mimicry, called Batesian Mimicry, is likely a way to scare away potential predators since Milk Snakes are not venomous at all.

We are ideally looking for people who have had prior snake experience or have done thorough research on the reptile/amphibian they wish to purchase. If you need more information we would be glad to assist you over the phone or via email.

Feel free to send any inquires to or call the store at 503-282-5824 and ask for the Animal Care department.