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True American Pet Food Pioneers - A Century of Innovation


Fromm Family Pet Food is our July Food of the Month! 

This company has been around since about 1904 at the family level and remains a family-owned and operated business today! That is 5 generations worth of pure hard-work, research and innovation. 

A simple phrase said by Alwina Nieman-Fromm in 1916, the early days of the Fromm family business, pretty much says it all. "What good is land unless it gives a family a start in life?" And that is exactly what they did.

To put into perspective how impressive this company is in terms of pet care as we know it today, here are a few interesting Fromm family moments in history:

1904 - The Fromm family settled in Wisconsin and started a ginseng and silver fox breeding farm. This was the beginning of their journey in breeding, and caring for canines.

1925 - The first Fromm dog food manufacturing facility was built in Wisconsin that is still in use today as the primary location for research and development. It is one of three of their facilities.

Pictured Above: The manufacturing plant in Mequon, Wisconsin during construction in 1925.

1930's - During this difficult time in history known as "The Great Depression", the company took off, employing hundreds of people looking for work.

1939 - After 15 years of research and development, they came up with the first commercially available Distemper Vaccine for dogs and cats!

1940's - They became the very first company in history to cook meat and grains into an edible and economical dry dog and cat food. Some might say they actually invented kibble.

Pictured Above: Fromm's first dog kibble, "Fromm Complete Dog Meal" made in 1949


Between then and now - Fromm Family Pet Food decided to completely focus on pet food, and went through incredible growth, now having a full-line of highly nutritious foods for dogs and cats! They kept up with the times and are still considered one of the best pet food brands out there.



Food Manufacturing Practices & Safety

The Fromm family takes the consistency, quality and safety of the manufacturing process very seriously. They have three manufacturing facilities total, all which they own and have complete control over, to make sure the proper standards are followed. In all three locations, they have regular FDA (Food & Drug Administration), USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), and APHIS (The Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service) inspections to ensure a very strict level of food safety.

There is also something called the HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) that is applied 100% of the time in all three facilities. They even have their very own program put in place where they test all ingredients coming in from outside sources (which are never from China) for pathogens and nutritional standards before the ingredients even get to the manufacturing step. 


The philosophy that the Fromm family goes by when considering a dog or a cat's nutrition is diversity. In all of their recipes, there is a large variety of fruits, vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates. The amounts of these elements is determined by maximum nutrition benefits for dogs and cats, palatability, as well as moderation of ingredients.

According to them, many times when a pet has a food sensitivity it is because they are getting too much of a certain ingredient, whether it be too much of a certain type of protein or grain. Based on the popularity of the brand as well as the loyalty of their many customers, this philosophy seems to really work for a lot of pets!


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