Animal Charities in Portland Oregon

As we look ahead to the new year, it's good to start thinking about how we can connect with other like-minded animal lovers in our local community. Did you know there are many ways to get connected with animal charities in Portland? Here's a look!

Fences For Fido

Fences for Fido is an organization right here in Portland that is dedicated to helping dogs who live outside: on tethers, chains, or in small enclosures. They're volunteer-run, so if you're looking for an easy way to give back to the community, volunteering with Fences for Fido is a great place to start! Even though Fences For Fido is based in Portland, they work all over the state. So, if you know someone in need of a fence, give Fences For Fido a call, because they might be able to help. 

The Pongo Fund

The Pongo Fund is a full-time charity focused on animal hunger. They work to keep families together by providing emergency pet food to folks who are struggling to purchase their own food. They have a volunteer-driven warehouse which can deliver pet food to those in need quickly and efficiently. They even deliver animal food to food banks across the region, so that folks can pick up animal food alongside their supplies for the week. Know someone in need, or have some bags of food to drop off? Visit The Pongo Fund's website to learn more.


Feral Cat Coalition Of Oregon

The Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon is an organization dedicated to controlling the homeless cat population in Oregon and southwest Washington. As with most cities and urban areas, homeless cats are everywhere. The best way to control the homeless cat population is to trap, neuter, and then return them to their original location, as they will defend their territory from other cats. The Feral Cat Coalition offers spay/neuter for feral, stray, and barn cats -- for free, but with a suggested donation. During normal times, they also offer a spay/neuter program for house cats. This is a great organization to volunteer for if you want to learn more about trap/neuter/return programs. 

Portland Audubon

Feeling like you get enough of dogs and cats at home? Why not try something new by learning more about the Portland Audubon society! Local chapters of the Audubon help connect citizens to their love of nature through activities like bird-watching, hiking, and more. You can visit the local sanctuary and take part in some birdwatching or hiking any time you want. Portland Audubon also has a wildlife rehabilitation program with an education center, which makes a great excursion for people with children. Find an injured animal? The Wildlife Care Center is Oregon's oldest wildlife hospital, and they are always accepting injured critters.

Not seeing what you're looking for? There are many charities for animals around Portland and beyond.