Chase 'N Pull Dog Toy Product Spotlight

Chase N' Pull

Get that tongue hanging out in 4 minutes flat!

Just because summer is coming to a close doesn't mean you have to let your pup pack on the pounds. There are LOTS of ways to give them exercise right in your house. One great option is the Chase 'N Pull dog toy.

Think of it as a cat wand for dogs; they play with it the same way.

The Chase 'N Pull is exactly what it looks like: a tough plastic wand, a rope, and a fleecy squeak toy.

Indoors, you can have dogs jump, spin, and chase it. Even in a small area, they can burn off a ton of energy.

Check out this video of POB's, Joe, and his dog Medic.

Joe's Dog with Chase N' Pull

For reference, she's a long and tall 85 lbs, and they are playing in an area that's about 7' x 7'. Not much space, but tons of fun!

The Chase 'N Pull is also an excellent training tool. Have your dog sit and wait before you start playing. When she does get a hold of it, give her a few seconds to enjoy chewing, then practice 'drop it.'

Work on any trick by using the toy as a reward. Once your dog sees the Chase 'N Pull, she'll do anything you ask in order to keep playing. If she's really good, you can even have her lie down and wait while you twirl it above her head. That's a tough one...

Keep it fun by including lots of treats and positive reinforcement.

The Chase 'N Pull comes in multiple sizes, so whether you have a mini or a biggie, they are going to love this thing.

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