Choosing a Cat Tree

Like all cats big and small, your cat loves to climb. A cat tree is a great way for your cat to feel happy, safe, and fulfilled in your home. Read on to find out more about cat trees and choosing the perfect style for your furry friends. 

What's A Cat Tree Made Of?

Cat trees are usually made of wood or cardboard depending on their features and price range. The material that your cat tree is made out of will determine its lifespan. If you choose a cat tree made from cardboard, know that it won't last as long as one made of wood or composite boards. It will also be more lightweight. 

Most cat trees also have a mixture of carpet and rope on their surfaces. When purchasing a cat tree, be sure to think about how you'll keep carpeted surfaces clean, and how to replace or refresh scratching posts on the tree. 

Cat Trees For Lazy Cats

If your cat loves to lounge, you may want to consider a cat tree with a few different platforms and boxes for them to catnap in. When choosing a cat tree, be sure to consider the size of the boxes/platforms relative to the size of your cat. If your cat is a little pudgy, he may not feel comfortable squeezing into tiny spaces. The Vesper V-Double Cat Tree might be a good purchase for your box-loving cat.


Cat Trees For Your Senior Cats


If you've got a senior cat, you might not need as much room for them to roam. For your senior, focus on comfort. Where can they nap in the sun? Maybe do a little claw sharpening on the side? A smaller cat tree might work just fine for your needs, like the Vesper V-Box Cat Tree.

Cat Trees For Kittens Or Multiple Cats

If you've got kittens or teenagers on your hands, you'll want to purchase a cat tree for an adventurous and mischievous kitty. The more hiding holes, scratching posts, and lounging areas, the better. If you're looking for a long-lasting, elite cat tree, you might try the Panther Creek model from Royal Meow. A smaller solution might be Vesper's V-Playstation or the V-Double Cat Tree. These trees would also work great for multiple cats. 

Cat Tree Repair & Maintenance

No matter which cat tree you choose, know that regular cleaning and monitoring will help your cats have a long, safe experience with their cat tree. You should go over the tree regularly to make sure that attachment points are secure, there are no choking hazards, and that there aren't any nails or staples sticking out. You should also consider cleaning carpeted areas with a damp cloth or vacuum. If something breaks, you can always check out this article on refreshing your pet's furniture for tips and tricks on how to fix it.

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