Choosing a New Toy for your Pet

It’s that time of the year, and gift-giving doesn’t just happen with our two-legged friends. Many folks give presents to their furry, four-legged family members during this time of the year as well. But what should you give to your four-legged friends this year? What will provide hours of fun and stimulation? Which will become their new favorite toy?

Holiday Gifts For Your Dog

A dog tugging on a piece of rope held by its owner

Some of the best memories and fun that you’ll have with your dog come from toys that help you play together. A piece of knotted rope may not seem like much to you, but your dog loves it. Additionally, we stock a special dog-only wand toy, letting your dog run, jump, and tug on a squeak toy just like a cat would.

If your dog is more of a retriever, Chuck It makes excellent large-size fetch balls that hold up during the season changes that we have. Chuck It also makes a ball launcher, handy for playing over a long distance with your energetic friend.

For indoor play, you could consider any number of tough chew toys or puzzle dispensers for your dog. Filling a treat dispenser (like Kong or other brands) with kibble and peanut butter, and then putting it in the freezer, is a great way to keep your mischievous dog occupied for hours. The JW Treat Tower is designed for your smartest dogs to get some fun. Treats come out randomly as your dog interacts, ensuring a different experience every time.

If your dog just likes to chew, GoDog or Tuffy brand stuffed chew toys are a safer way for them to enjoy, as their tough fabric prevents most (not all!) dogs from tearing out the stuffing and squeaker immediately. GoDog comes with a one-time replacement guarantee with all purchases if your dog manages to destroy it within a month.

Holiday Gifts For Your Cat

A small grey and white cat with a feather toy in its mouth

The smaller members of your household deserve a great holiday season, too! Gifts for your cat can be as simple as a catnip-laced fake mouse to an elaborate cat tower or tree. Depending on your cat’s personality, they may enjoy certain toys while passing others by.

If your cat is a hunter, they may enjoy catnip-filled wands and kicker toys. Wand toys are great for cats who like to give chase. Wand toys are a very interactive play session for you and your pet. Bonus: they can also be used to lure shy cats out of their comfort zone.

If your cat likes to give chase, a kicker toy might be best. A kicker toy is a noisy tubular toy adorned with feathers. Your cat will give chase, capture, and then “kill” the toy by bunny-kicking it repeatedly. It stimulates natural hunting instincts in your cat.

If your cat reacts to lasers, you might consider an automatic toy for them while you’re away at work or school. A less complex laser toy for your cat is the Spot Rockin’ Laser, which uses a weighted base to bounce a laser around. You can also pick up an affordable handheld laser to play with your cat one-on-one.

DIY Pet Toys For The Holidays

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, many compelling pet toys can be made affordably at home. If you have (or can get) cardboard boxes, you can build a temporary kitty castle for your cats. A little bit of paint and glitter, and it looks great for humans, too. To make a kitty cave, you can cover a box in an old t-shirt.

With some needle, thread, and old stuffing, you can repair old dog toys or create new ones, using old blankets or t-shirts as your covering fabric. Dogs, of course, don’t really care how much their new toy resembles a squirrel. If you want to go all in, bulk orders of squeakers are affordable online.

Finally, as the baking season rolls around (who doesn’t love holiday cookies?), you could consider making healthy, safe treats for your dog or cat. Freeze dried meat is a great cat or dog treat, and for dogs, there are plenty of peanut butter based dog treat recipes out there. Go crazy! Your dog will love it.