DIY Pet Costumes

Halloween is a great time to help your pets get in the festive spirit. With these easy and fun Halloween costume ideas, you're sure to please your guests, and maybe have a little fun with Fido, too. Here are our top costume ideas that you can make at home with minimal time and crafting skills for your dog or cat. 

The Superhero

The superhero is really about spirit, not style, right? But having a bit of style certainly helps. Lucky for you, the super hero costume is easy to do for either your dog or cat. To get started, you'll need a piece of red cloth, your pet's collar, some scissors, needle and thread, and some velcro.

Cut the red cloth to a good cape size, probably 2/3rds the length of your pet's back. Sew any frayed ends over so they don't catch on anything.Then, wrap the cape around the collar and add velcro to secure. Try it out on your pet!

The Bat

If you're looking for quick, you can always purchase some bat wings from your favorite pet store or online retailer. But bat wings are a fun and easy afternoon project. You'll need some black fleece, adhesive paper, wire, and sewing accessories. Head on over to DIY Network to find out how to make your own!

The Witch

    A witch hat is an easy way to give some spooky spirit to your critter this Halloween! This classic pointy black hat can be bedazzled with stripes, sparkles, and bobbles -- as long as it doesn't get too heavy for your pet's head! There are tons of easy tutorials out there, but we like this one from the DIY Network.

    The Princess / Prince

      There's an easy way to make sure that you pet is treated like royalty: dress them in a crown! This easy Halloween costume can also be repurposed for any special event: your dog's birthday, graduation from a training program, or just because it's Caturday. Check out this easy tutorial from Pretty Fluffy.

      The Dapper

        Nothing says polite boi quite like a bow tie, and this tutorial will show you how to add class and style to your dog (or cat!) for Halloween. You can use any small scrap of cloth -- bright colors are better -- and you'll need access to some scissors, needle, and thread. Find out more at Spoonflower!

        Not Feeling Crafty? We've got you covered!

        If you aren't up to making your pet a costume, check out our online collection here, or stop by the store for more options!

        In store costume options at Pets on Broadway

        Before We Go: Pet Safety Tips

        It can be a lot of fun to dress your pet up, but be sure to keep your pet safe while playing. For one, make sure that your pet in their costume is never left unattended. Pet clothing could get stuck on a nail or caught on something high and become a choking hazard. Your pet could get bored and try to eat the material. Any number of things could happen, so be sure to watch your pet while they're in their costume. Safe pets are happy pets!

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