Entertaining Your Cats Inside

Living in a time of quarantine can be tough, and it can be especially confusing for our cats. They think we've chosen to stay home perpetually just to steal their best napping spots. Luckily, there are easy ways to keep your cat entertained and fulfilled while you're home all the time. Read on to find out more!


1. Make your cat work for their food

Free-feeding cats is easy, but it's also boring for your cat. If they're trapped indoors, with you, all day, every day, you may want to consider a puzzle feeder to help them fight off the boredom. Puzzle feeders for cats are a great way to make sure that they're not eating too fast, and can even be used easily in a multi-cat household. If you're on a limited budget, you can make your own puzzle feeder by putting toilet paper or paper towel cardboard rolls in a box and putting the food underneath. Your cat will need to dig through to find the food. 

2. Get some exercise

In some ways, it's easier to exercise your cat indoors than it is a dog. After all, cats are smaller, and they sleep most of the day away. So, get your favorite laser or wand toy and have a good fifteen minute play session. Your cat will nap the day away afterwards, and you can feel accomplished. 

3. Teach some tricks

Cats learn tricks in much the same way that dogs do: treats and games. Although cat training is a little less common, you can still train your cat to do fun things, like jump on command, paw your hand for a treat, or even play dead. Browse some videos on YouTube for some ideas, then get right into cat training. High-quality cat treats and a quiet place to work will help. Keep your training sessions to fifteen minutes or less to make sure your cat -- or you -- won't get frustrated. 

4. Turn on "Cat TV"

Your cat may be interested in bird-watching, literally or figuratively. If you live on the lower level or get a little creative, you can put a bird feeder just outside your window and provide hours of entertainment to your cats. If your windows are all higher, you could consider a suction-cup bird feeder or some other way of attracting wildlife to your window.

If you can't hang a bird feeder, you can always use technology. Amazon, YouTube, and other video providers all have some version of "cat-friendly" shows to choose from. Just type in "cat TV" into the search box, "bird watching for cats", "wildlife camera" or something along those lines, and see what you find. Your cats will love it. 

5. Mix it up

No matter what activities you choose, be sure to mix it up for your cat. You don't want to use the same activity day in and day out -- that will get boring. Instead, choose from a few activities that your cat loves, and change it up from day to day. Your cat, and you, will be healthier and happier with a bit of variety in your lives.