Exercising With Your Pets

New Year's Resolution or not, a desire to get ourselves and our pets healthier -- and happier -- is common in the New Year. Here are some activities that you can do with your dog or cat to make sure that they're reaping the health benefits of exercise, too!

1. Yoga -- Yes, Yoga -- With Your Pets

Yoga makes the top of our list because yoga with your pets is all the rage. Whether intentional or unintentional, having your dog or cat participate in your yoga session can be a rewarding way to exercise. You can drop "doga" (That's dog + yoga) or "cat yoga" (sorry, no portmanteau on that one) into your favorite search engine to find out more. 

2. Take Them For A Run

Nothing says healthy like a jog with your pet. If you've got a healthy, adult dog who enjoys running, you can invest in Ruffwear running gear - their high quality leashes and harnesses are perfect for your active pet. If you've got a young'un, small dog, old dog, or cat, you can pick up a pet stroller or backpack. Even though they won't be getting the exercise, they will still be having fun. 

3. Sign Up For A Class Together

Although not necessarily exercise focused, it may get you out of the house. Classes for dogs include agility, dock sports, scent training, and obedience. Cats have fewer options, but may take classes to get certified as therapy animals.

4. Take Them For A Hike

Similar to #2, taking your dog or cat for a hike can be a rewarding endeavor. For cats, you'll want to pick up a secure, cat-friendly harness and leash setup before you go, to prevent any accidents. Small dogs and cats may not go very far, but they will have fun exploring the woods, prairies, or paths you take them on. 

5. Build Something Together

Although this is more exercise for you than your dog or cat, building something pet-related can be a fun way to involve your pet in your life. Ideas include a catio, cat tree, or box castle for your cat; and a fenced dog run, agility equipment, or a stick library for your dog. 

6. Take Them For A Bike Ride

Rounding out the list is a classic activity with a twist. Biking with your pet can be an adventure in and of itself. If you think your dog would like to run alongside the bike, you can buy a bike leash that will go on your seat post and accommodate them. If they're just along for the ride, you can use a pet backpack or bike trailer to give them a safe space to watch the world go buy. Remember to go slow and be safe!