Good Pets for the Classroom

There are a handful of animals with the right temperament for a classroom environment. Some key factors to consider in choosing a classroom pet is whether it’s relatively easy to care for and if it feels comfortable around children. And it’s an added bonus if the pet is awake during the day (as opposed to being nocturnal)!

We’ve listed some great options to help you decide which critter is best for your classroom. Drop by Pets on Broadway to learn even more about these special pets from our animal care specialists.  

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pig being held

Guinea pigs are extremely gentle, affectionate and love to be held. They are also diurnal, meaning they are awake during the day, whereas pets like the hamster are nocturnal. Guinea pigs are easy to care for and are happiest in small groups.

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Pet rat

Rats often get a bad rap due to widespread misinformation, but people are pleasantly surprised when they actually get to know one of these delightful creatures. Rats are very 
friendly, cuddly and highly intelligent—they can even be trained!

Rats are technically nocturnal, however they're usually awake any time there is something to stimulate them. They prefer a companion or two, but remain easy to care for, making them an optimal classroom pet.

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Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragon

A bearded dragon can make an awesome classroom pet with enough space. They are fun to feed, handle and interact with. While they have more requirements in terms of supplementation and lighting, they are definitely one of the best options. Check out our bearded dragon blog post to learn all about these amazing reptiles and how to care for them!  

Leopard Geckos 

Leopard Gecko

Leopard geckos are a great option if you’re looking for a friendly and interesting pet that is low key and unlikely to provide much of a distraction. These geckos require minimal handling and are nocturnal, so they aren’t very active during the day.

A fun fact about leopard geckos is that if their tails fall off, they’ll grow back! Losing their tail is a defense mechanism if it ever gets squished or grabbed tightly.


Fish Tank Discus

For the least amount of care, a fish tank is the way to go! With a fish tank, you can not only introduce your students to a variety of fish, but they can learn all about the other kinds of fascinating biology that exist in that ecosystem too, like water plants, algae and snails!  

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Do you know about our Outreach Program? 

Unlike many pet stores, Pets on Broadway doesn’t only provide pets and pet supplies. It’s a priority of ours to educate pet owners and provide plenty of resources to make sure that pets everywhere are getting the care they need to lead a long and happy life.

Our Outreach Program brings us into your classroom to teach your students about some of the typical animals found in pet stores and how to properly care for them. Invite us over to your classroom and we’ll bring a handful of animals and a plethora of information!