Greyhound Rescue - How You Can Help


Greyhounds were bred specifically for hunting and racing due to their exceptional eyesight and speed. While having long been known for their athleticism, as time passes they are becoming known more and more for their friendly, sweet, and intelligent personalities.

The shift from classifying greyhounds as a sport object to valuing them as a loving household pet is happening gradually and steadily - with 39 states now calling the sport of greyhound racing illegal. 

Greyhounds Running on Track

Greyhound Rescue Efforts

In the quest for the fastest, thousands of greyhounds are unnecessarily bred every single year, and most of them are subjected to horrendous conditions at some point in their lives, either by their breeder, their trainer, or both. The greyhounds that aren’t the fastest are often disposed of by inhumane methods.

Those greyhounds that are entered into racing are often treated like objects, spending the duration of their racing career in a kennel, and they are repaid for their service by being discarded as soon as they sustain an injury or are retired. Some are killed -- others are abandoned or sent somewhere like an inhumane national blood bank, where they will endure further ill treatment.   


Enter greyhound rescue organizations. Some of these outstanding organizations fight hard to rescue poorly treated and abandoned dogs and find them forever homes, while others are committed to protecting greyhounds through lobbying and increasing awareness on a national scale. They all deserve our support--either through donating or volunteering! 

Want to Help?

You can make all the difference in the life of one or more of these discarded dogs by opening your home and offering them your love and commitment. Contact a  greyhound rescue organization to find out about the adoption process.

Smiling Greyhound


If adopting a dog isn’t a possibility for you, here are some other ways you can make a difference:

  • Donate or volunteer with a greyhound rescue organization.
  • Make a stand and spread awareness--don’t participate or give money to greyhound racing or breeders, and encourage your friends and family to do the same.
  • If you live in a state where greyhound racing is legal (find out here), write to your state officials to let them know that you support legislation banning greyhound racing.
  • Share this information on social media--it may make all the difference in a dog’s life.
Check out the local Greyhound Rescues linked down below: