Helping Pets Adjust from Summer to Fall


Young dog looking out clear glass door

The end of summer is officially here, with families returning to back-to-school schedules. For some, this is a welcome change; while summer is always fun, routine is a great thing, too! 

But your pets may have a harder time adjusting to an empty house than you think. Here are a few tips on how to help them transition back to normal after summer.  

Banish Boredom 

Boredom begets anxiety where pets are concerned, so a proactive approach might save your fur baby from dealing with unnecessary stress. Providing sources of entertainment that they can use on their own — like long lasting chews and enrichment toys for dogs or fun climbing furniture or scratching toys for cats — will help them pass their time alone more easily. 

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Bloodhound dog chewing on bully stick

Prepare Them for Change 

Just like you don’t expect children to be ready for school after a long break without warning, the same can be said for pets. Try starting your new routine in advance and ease them into it. This will help them know what to expect, and assist them in settling in when the change comes. This can help provide you with some peace of mind, too. 

Call in Support 

If your family is gone for long hours or you worry that your pet may feel neglected, calling in some additional support might be a good idea. A friend or family member with a different schedule could walk the dog or visit the cat. If that's not an option, you might consider hiring a pet sitting/walking service. Also, many dogs are great candidates for doggy daycare; they come home tired and happy after playing all day!  

Use Your Time Wisely

With the relaxed atmosphere of summer on its way out, devoting more time to pets can become trickier. However, using the time you do get to spend with them wisely will contribute to their overall health and wellbeing, so it’s worth the effort. Taking early morning walks, setting aside time to play in the evenings, or even just giving extra cuddles will all go a long way to showing your pets how special they are to you. 

Know Their Routines 

Being aware of your pet’s unique needs and preferences can help keep them comfortable when you’re not home. For example, some dogs prefer to be secure in a crate, while others need access to the yard while you’re away — it all depends on the individual. Setting your pet up for success while they’re home alone will benefit both of you, relieving your stress while keeping them happy. 

Transitioning with Ease 

Pets are part of the family, but unfortunately there are times when they just can’t come along with you or your family. The above tips will help them transition smoothly from a full house to an empty one, allowing you to feel better about resuming your normal routine. 

You love your pets to bits, and always want what’s best for them — which makes you a devoted pet guardian. If you want more healthy treats and eats for your pet, check out the many quality products at