Holiday Gift Guide

Narrowing down the perfect gift for your pet (or the person in your life who loves theirs) can be daunting, especially with all of the other holiday shopping you are doing this time of year!

To make it a little bit easier, we put together this gift guide to pass along some of our staff’s favorite recommendations!

The $ range lets you know if it's a smaller item, splurge item, or somewhere in between.

Feel free to ask any one of our helpful team members if you have questions about any of our products around the store!


Doggie popcorn $

Himalayan Chews recently made their popular cheese chew into an air-popped treat perfect for sharing a movie night with your pet! Just pop it in the microwave for 1 minute, and voila! A bag of treats, great for training, rewards, or just to keep your dog out of your popcorn bowl.

Fancy dog cookies $

A fun treat for any occasion, these handmade treats are always changing their designs—but their great taste never changes!

Long-lasting chews (perfect for holiday occupation!) $-$$

Every dog has their favorite chewy treat. Why not let them tear open a present and tear into their favorite one! Feel free to ask our staff for any suggestions and get their opinions on their favorites.

Raincoats and Winter Coats $-$$

When you need rain protection to go outside, so does your dog. In the colder winter months, some dogs may also need the boost of an extra layer between them and the cold. We have ponchos for light rainwear, sweaters for the chilly days, and water resistant coats for dogs that embrace the colder sides of living in Oregon! Check out the new Pendleton prints, and reflective options from RC Pet.

Ruffwear for the gear junkie in your life (perfect for hikers!) $$

For the hikers, bikers, or any athletic dog, Ruffwear brand has the leash/harness/jacket/boots/backpack for your dog! Ruffwear is an Oregon company dedicated to making gear for your dog that’s made with just as much care as the gear you wear.

New Bed  $-$$$

Every dog has its day, but a good night’s sleep is a part of that. We just brought in some awesome new bed options that will suit any home.

For dogs that like to shred their beds, the Ninja bed is a lifetime guaranteed bed that is also waterproof—perfect for puppies that are still learning.

Big Shrimpy makes beds guaranteed to last and dogs can’t resist their soft and fluffy beds.

We also carry a variety of crate pads, cave beds, and other stylish options that don’t have to break the bank.

Small breed ideas

New Harness $-$$

Is your dogs harness showing a little bit of wear around the edges? Has your pug become a puller in the last few months? A new harness can make a huge difference for your daily walks, and we have a great selection for small dogs! The Puppia and RC Pet mesh harnesses are a great comfy option. For those determined little pullers we recommend the Easy Walk or Wonder Walker harnesses that come with a front-lead clip on to give you your dog’s center of gravity. Ask any of our staff to help you find the perfect fit for your dog!

Gold Paw Fleece Sweaters $$

Gold Paw makes cozy fleece sweaters that are perfect for keeping those smaller dogs toasty. The fleece is soft and flexible, so your dog can wear it all day long. This thin fleece is great for layering with raincoats for those rainy winter walks!


Cat Grass $

Organic, locally grown wheatgrass is a great gift for any animal! It provides natural antioxidants, minerals, and aids in digestion. It’s also super easy to take care of: water it from the bottom by placing it in a dish of water every three/four days, and trim the top every now and then to keep it fresh.

Cat Bow-Ties $

Make your cat fancy with one of the Business Catual bowties! Made with recycled materials, each hand made bow tie lists what the fabric used to be on the back and no two are alike!

Cat Window Sills $$

Cats love to view the world around them. Giving them a window seat is a great way to engage your indoor cat with their outdoor surroundings. The window sills that we carry require little assembly, and use pressure to stay in place rather than permanent screw fixtures, and there is even a heated option! Don’t have a window sill to steady it on? Try the new Suction Cup Pods from K&H. These hold up to 60 pounds and make a great place for your cat to get away from it all.

Water Fountains $-$$

Traditionally, cats get the majority of their moisture from their wet food. Very few cats will drink enough water to hydrate themselves in a day, because their body does not crave it the same way ours does. Fountains are a great way to encourage them to drink because cats are naturally attracted to moving water. Fountains are constantly flowing so bacteria doesn’t build up, and they are being constantly filtered to make sure your pet is getting fresh water all the time!

New bed $-$$

Cats love a good spot to curl up in, so why not give them a new one? We carry a huge variety of beds perfect for cats. We have cave-style beds for the cozier kitties, flat beds for sprawlers, donut and buttercup beds for the curlers, and even sleeping bags for the hiders!

Cat Towers and Scratching Posts $-$$$

Cats like to observe the world from high places—so why not give them one of their own? Towers can be a great place for cats to sleep, play, and even eat on! The Royal Meow line that we carry is handcrafted in Vancouver, with all of the materials being locally sourced! We also carry fully carpeted cat towers (great for cats who like to scratch), Vesper towers which make modern and compact options, and sisal scratching posts to help keep those cat’s nails trim!

Small Animal

Straw mats/hides $

Small animals like to burrow, and giving them a new safe place to get away and relax can liven up their living place. The options range from edible straw hides to more durable hides made from plastic or clay.

Hammocks $$

Some animals like ferrets and rats are known to sleep in hammocks, but other small animals learn to love them too!

Tunnel Tubes/Cage Upgrades $$$

A fun addition to any small animals cage, these series of tubes can be personalized for every animal. It’s a great way to let your pet explore the world around them and upgrade their living space without getting a new cage.


Snuggle Hut or Snuggle Sack $

Birds like to have warm places to snuggle in. It’s always adorable to see their head poking out of their hut! For birds that like less confined spaces, the snuggle tent provides a larger area for them to hang out in.

Perches $

Birds need different textures of perches in order for their feet to stay healthy. Sand perches help file their nails, and wood perches can come in a variety of types to keep things interesting!

Toys $$

Birds love to engage with their environments. We have everything from temporary shreddable toys, to toys that engage their brain. Many birds love seeing themselves in a mirror, shiny toys, and ladders to climb around their cages on.

Nut Wreaths $$ 

A seasonal favorite for the bigger beaked birds! Make them work for their treats through the hard shells and reap their rewards once they perform the Nutcracker.


Rock lair $$

Give your reptile a new hide to liven up their environment! Many reptiles like hiding and curling up in their own lair, and we have plenty of options to choose from.

Plants $-$$

One of the best ways to decorate your reptile’s environment is with plants! Fake plants are a safe alternative that you don’t have to worry about keeping alive. Our chameleons love getting lost in them. We have plenty of safe live plants as well! If you’re curious about what kinds are safe, check in with a POB staff member, or check out our sister store, Plants on Broadway!

Tank Upgrade

If you have the space to spare, why not give your animal a bigger environment to roam around in? Updating their space can be giving them a larger tank or redecorating their home. Magnetic ledges make great additions for any that like to bask up high, and you can even get some with food and water bowls embedded right into the “rock”!


Decorations $-$$

New decor can liven up any living situation, including your fish’s! Have fun picking out new plants, statues, sand, rock, or even driftwood!

Lights $$-$$$

Check out some of the awesome light options we have for your tank. Remote-controlled colored LED lights that can be set to timers to give your fish a light show every day!

Nano-tank $$-$$$

Our fish department is constantly making new Nano Tanks that are ready to take home, plug in, and go! Check out the awesome environments they create for your aquatic friends. 

For The Animal Lover In Your Life…

Mugs $

Enjoy your coffee while they enjoy their kibble with new mugs from O.R.E.! Match your mug to your pet's bowl. Use them as a planter, pen holder, or a vehicle for liquids.

Candles $

The Kin + Kind candles (available in the plant section) come in a huge variety of smells. Made with essential oils, these candles also contain enzymes to help deodorize the room and rid any pet smell from the area.

Terrariums and Tillandsias $-$$

Did you know we carry a variety of Air Plants (Tillandsia)? It’s true! We carry over 30 species of air plants, and they are a great, easy-to-care-for addition to any household (seriously they don’t even require watering). Decorate a terrarium with them, place them on a shelf, or fill up one of the planters from local artists that we carry!

If you are thinking about giving a pet as a gift, take a quick perusal of our suggestions on how to give a pet for Christmas!