How to Choose a Dog Bed

How To Choose A Dog Bed

Whether it's for lounging or a good night's rest, choosing the correct bed for your dog can be intimidating. What features do you care about? What's comfy for your dog? Luckily, we've got advice from seasoned dog owners on how to choose the best bed for your pup.

What Every Dog Bed Needs

No matter what kind of dog you have, you should be looking for a few features in any dog bed that you buy. Primarily, you should make sure that the cover is:

  • Removable
  • Closed by a zipper or other secure fastener
  • Safe to wash and dry at home


The Best Dog Beds For Seniors

Senior dogs are some of the best friends we have, and they deserve the best in dog beds! Our seniors tend to be less rowdy, and so, you can probably get a bed with all of the bells and whistles. Memory foam or other high-density padding can provide relief to aching bones. Pick a bed that's meant to be laid on for long periods of time, and your senior dog will be in heaven. 

The Best Dog Beds For Chewers & Puppies

Puppies and dogs with chewing problems tend to be challenging dogs to purchase beds for. On one hand, you want them to be comfy. On the other hand, you don't want to drop $50-100 on a dog bed to have it chewed into pieces just three days later. For chewers and young dogs, you'll want to pick beds that are either cheap, chew-resistant, or both. For repeated offenders, it might be best to get a canvas bed or other low-fill bed. It won't be as comfy, but it might not trigger their chewing impulses. 

The Best Dog Beds For Diggers

If you've got a dog that loves to dig around a lot in bed before settling in, you may want to consider a bed specially made for them. First, you'll want a tougher fabric to avoid tears while your dog is digging. Second, you'll either want a bed with high sides or a bed with a cover/roof to help them feel safe inside. 

The Best Dog Beds For Extra Large Dogs

It can be challenging to find a dog bed within your budget that fits your extra-large dog. It also depends largely on how your dog likes to sleep. If your extra-large (100+ lbs) dog sleeps curled up in a ball, they might fit just fine on a "large" 35-inch bed. But if they like to stretch out, you'll need to upgrade. There are large bolster beds available, or, if you're in a pinch, you can just designate old or used furniture for your pup: day beds and old, low to the ground couches work great.

My Dog Hates His Bed / Won't Use It

If you purchase a dog bed and your dog won't use it, you can try a few things to help: 

  • Feed or offer treats on the bed as a way to get them used to the material
  • Lay on the bed yourself, or leave items that smell like you on the bed
  • Play with them on the bed (if they won't chew it in excitement)

If they still won't touch it, you can either return it or consider donating it to a nearby pet shelter or rescue in need.