How to Pick the Right Dog Chew

Every dog has its favorite chewy treat. Some adore bully sticks, while others drool all over their pig ears, antlers, or Himalayan Chews. Different dogs chew at different rates, so finding the right chew for your dog to have a satisfying treat time is really dependent on how fast they like to munch and crunch.

Chews can be beneficial for dental health, satisfy their natural urge to chew, and is a great way to give your dog something special.

You should always monitor your dog while they’re chewing and remove any pieces that become small or choke-able.

Puppies should not be given anything too hard to chew in their first year as it can malign their teeth and cause dental issues down the road. Teething puppies definitely want to chew on everything, so having items on hand that are both satisfying and soothing is a huge help! Puppy safe chews are denoted with ** next to the name. 

Our chew bar has plenty of options for you to choose from, below is a list of some of our staff’s favorite recommendations:

No Hides**

Earth Animal No-Hide Pork Rawhide Alternative Dog Chew

These chews come in three different protein options: chicken, beef, and salmon. It’s a brown rice roll, so dogs can sink their teeth into this satisfying chew without chowing them down too quickly.

They come in a variety of sizes (and now even make smaller twizzle sticks), so make sure to get the appropriate size for your dog. It’s a tougher, fully digestible treat that should last a moderate chewer 30 minutes or more depending on the size.

Himalayan Chews

These long-lasting chews are made of compressed yak milk, cow milk, salt, and lime juice. They are made to be gnawed on and worn down, so they should last moderate chewers over an hour. Once the piece gets down to a size that’s no longer chewable, pop it in the microwave for about 30 seconds, and it’ll puff up into a crunchy cheese ball treat!

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Pig Ears**

Vital Essentials Raw Bar Pig Ear Freeze-Dried Dog Chew

Did you know our pig ears are local? They’re every dog's favorite thing to sniff in line, and for good reason! It’s a chewy and digestible treat that should last a moderate chewer up to half an hour.

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Bully Sticks**

Bully sticks are a favorite among dogs. They come in a variety of types (the braided ones are said to last the longest) — these should last a moderate chewer over 45 minutes. We carry beef and pork bully sticks.

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Deer shed their antlers naturally throughout the year. They are one of the toughest chews available and are the longest-lasting natural chew that we carry. They come in two varieties: split and whole. The split antlers have marrow showing and are a tad bit softer than the whole antler. These should last any dog a few months. We carry the Wild Chewz brand of antlers — the company is located in Bend, where the Antlers are also collected!

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Buffalo Horns

Water buffalo horns are also shed naturally. The horned tipped chews are a tough chew and can work as a natural kong, you can fill it full of treats! We also carry them on a rope, great for dogs who like to tug on their chews. These should last any dog a few weeks to months.

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Marrow Bones

Junkyard Bones Signature Smoked Beef Marrow Bone Dog Chew

Bones are the classic dog chew. They help scrape their teeth of plaque and tartar and dogs love digging the marrow out of the middle. These bones should last any dog for three or more hours, sometimes days.

Staff Pick: Junkyard Bones. These bones are triple-smoked at a temperature that makes them shatter/chip-proof, and dogs just can’t resist their smell!

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The hardest bone in the body, these bones should last quite some time and provide a great chew. They may be too small for some larger dogs to handle without swallowing.

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Whimzees are a vegetable chew that last a long time and are great for your dog's teeth. They are completely digestible and wear away slowly. These come in stick form, toothbrushes, alligators, and hedgehogs.

Staff tip: Fill the alligators and hedgehogs with wet dog food or peanut butter and freeze them to provide a longer-lasting treat!

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Nylabones** + Benebones

These synthetic bones are made to last and come in a variety of flavors, types, and varying degrees of toughness (they even make puppy ones that are softer). They wear away slowly and should last any dog a few months. Be sure to check for any sharp points.

Now that you have an idea of the different types of chews out there, try a few out and see which are your dog's favorite!

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