How to Raise Your Baby Chicks

multiple chickens running into and around backyard chicken coop

Baby chicks are super cute, leading lots of people keep them at home. Whether you own a farm or are simply interested in raising backyard chickens, it’s important to know what baby chicks need—before they arrive.  

These tiny baby chickens will grow quickly, but they need your help to do this. They’re vulnerable when they’re so small, so knowing what they need ahead of time gives them their best chance at survival.

Here are a few key elements you’ll need when it comes to caring for your chicks.

A Safe, Comfy Home 

Baby chicks need a place to thrive during the first five or so weeks of their lives. This home is commonly known as a brooder. The must-haves in a brooder include a clean water source, nutritious food, adequate heating and something soft with which to line the floor.

Heat can come from either radiant heat or heat lamps and should be close to their food source if possible. The brooder should also be a safe enclosure that deters predators, or at the very least, won’t let them in. This setup will ensure your chicks are safe, comfy, and warm, giving them the best chance of growing up in good health! 

Upfront Guidance

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Chicks won’t automatically know where or how to look for food or water when they’re first introduced to their new home. This is especially the case if you purchased those chicks without a mother hen. So it's up to you to guide them in the beginning, so they can eventually find their food and water on their own.

Gently touching your chicks' beaks to water shows them how to get a drink, while sprinkling food on the ground around the feeder can pique their curiosity. Once they've shown interest in the food (and that it's yummy), you can guide them to the feeder.

While this might seem daunting, the good news is that it only takes one. Once you’ve got this down with one baby chick, the rest will likely follow. They’re famous for copying the actions of their siblings, which is seriously helpful here! 

Regular Routine 

Woman feeding multiple chickens within backyard chicken coop

Chicks need quite a bit of care, especially in the beginning. This means making sure their food and water is fresh, their brooder is clean, and they’re getting enough access to their heat source. You might be surprised at the amount of poop you’ll have to clean up, but that’s part of raising chicks! They’re constantly eating to  grow, so with that comes the obvious: regular poop duty. 

Twice a day is a good regimen for cleaning and care, to ensure their brooder is clean and well-stocked. Spot cleaning poop is fine for your daily routine but you should also completely replace their litter once a week or so. 

Raising Happy Chicks 

Chicks are super cute, tons of fun, and they can make great additions to your home or farm. To find the best options for all your poultry needs, visit 

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