How to Walk a Cat on a Leash

Barack Obama with cat
It can be done. (photo from Florida Felines)

Many Pets Can Be Leash Trained!

When we think of walking an animal on a leash, a dog is almost always the creature that folks conjure up in their minds. Do you know how to walk a cat on a leash? Not many do. However, here at Pets on Broadway, we also offer leashes for cats, rabbits, ferrets, and more!

All of these animals can be trained to walk well on a leash with the right amount of training, treats, and patience.

Here are some tips for getting your pet used to walking on a leash:

  • Start out by letting your pet sniff the harness. Reward them with some treats and call it a day.
  • Next day, repeat the first step. If they’ll allow it, put the harness on them, without fastening any of the clasps. Again, reward with treats and praise. Take the harness off them and repeat this step as needed in the following days until they don’t protest having the harness on.
  • Once they don’t mind having the harness on them, try attaching the leash and walking around an enclosed indoor area so they get the feel of resistance that comes with the leash.
  • When they are totally comfortable with both the harness and leash, try out short walks in a safe, quiet part of your neighborhood.
  • Once you are comfortable leash-walking in a familiar environment, try branching out to newer surroundings. Soon, you’ll be able to adventure almost anywhere with your pet safely tethered!


Cat in a harness and leashThe key to success is PATIENCE. Animals instinctively resist restraint, so patience, and kindness, are the keys to getting your cat (or rabbit, or ferret, etc.) to accept the harness. Once that's done you'll have a walking buddy for life! It's totally worth it.

Come on by and look at our selection of leashes and harnesses (and everything else pet related, including awesome food).

We Can Help

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