Keeping Your Dog Fit & Happy in the Winter

Young Jack Russel Terrier Dog Running in Snow

When winter rolls around, our dogs might spend less time outside because we spend less time outside. They might get less exercise, stimulation, and fun -- especially when the ground is snowy or icy. Here are a few activities that you can do with your dog in the winter:

Embrace The Cold

Dog in Snow

Even in the winter, your dogs need walks. In areas where deicing occurs, consider using dog boots.  Another item to consider for winter walks is a dog coat -- especially if your dog is lean, small, or prone to shivering.

Playing with the snow is a great way to get some exercise. Make snowballs for your dog to catch, or even just throw some soft snow at them - they'll love it.

Puzzles Keep Your Dog Occupied

Outward Hound Dog Puzzle and Treat Dispenser


For dogs, games and puzzle toys can also keep the chill of winter away. The easiest puzzles out there are treat balls and wobblers. These toys can be quite noisy and will move across the floor as your dog plays.  Need more of a challenge? There are puzzle toys that require pawing, lifting, and sliding different pieces to get the treats.

Check out our feeding and treat puzzles here.

Play Hide & Seek With Your Dog

Shih Tzu Dog with Bandana Collar

Hide and seek is a great way to pass the time. To play, get your dogs excited for a stuffed toy. Then, shut your dogs out of the room. Put the toy around a corner, on some furniture, or even partially hide it under blankets or other materials. When you're done hiding it, excitedly tell them, "Find it! Find it!" If they need help, you can stand near or point to the toy.

Move Your Playtime Inside

Finally, you can do the things you would normally do with your dog outside. A good game of fetch inside the house is never a bad idea. Instead of throwing it far, you can throw it up or down some stairs, bounce it off a wall, or try rolling it between their legs.

With these activities in your toolbelt, we hope that you and your dog can have a safe, happy, and healthy winter this year. Enjoy!