More Than Chickens: A Focus On Other Urban Fowl

Backyard geese looking into camera

While chickens are all the rage these days for city and suburban back yards, other types of fowl also can do well in urban settings. Depending on your preferences and home situation, here are other feathered options that are just as great as chickens—if not better!


While many people might not consider geese as ideal pets, they can be both fun and useful. Their suspicious nature makes them a perfect home security system. Geese are also helpful for keeping grasses short and weeds at bay. Even better is that their droppings are easy to clean up. 

But be sure to consider the following before adding a gaggle to your setting:

  • Geese are very noisy and loud; this can be annoying to both you and your neighbors
  • Geese can be aggressive and even mean, meaning they aren't a great match with small children
  • These birds require a secure enclosure as protection from predators


Many folks are raising ducks these days. They're easy to please in many ways and will bond to you tightly — especially if you raise them as ducklings. While those ducklings are adorable, they grow fast, so keep this in mind if you want to add this type of fowl to your situation.  

It's also a good idea to consider the following before bringing those ducks home:

  • They require a good-sized source of clean water
  • Ducks need a predator-safe enclosure, and must be kept inside while you're away
  • Hard surfaces (think concrete or asphalt) can cause foot ulcers; grass or other softer, natural surface are best for ducks

Guinea Fowl

Guinea fowl in backyard looking into camera

Adorably weird looking, guinea fowl have a special place in the hearts of the humans who raise them. They're independent and less inclined to hang around where you are. Still, they need your help to live their best lives. When adding guinea fowl to your situation, remember the following:

  • These birds dislike being handled making their care a little more challenging
  • Guinea fowl are wanderers; they fly far and run fast, making them adept escape artists
  • They can bully other birds, so be sure to have plenty of space for your flock to spread out


Two backyard turkeys looking into camera

These big birds demand attention when they're in your presence, and with their unique looks and personalities, it's hard not to be interested in them! While many consider turkeys as food animals only, others are adapting them as at-home pets. If this is something you'd be interested in, keep in mind that:

  • Turkeys are considered livestock in some areas, so check with your county's or municipality's regulations before bringing them home
  • They absolutely must be secured at night to keep them safe from predators
  • Male turkeys can be very territorial; this could be scary and even dangerous especially given their size

Keeping Your Urban Fowl Happy

As you can see, there are plenty of choices when it comes to backyard birds. For all the products necessary to keep your block happy and healthy, visit!

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