Mother Nature's Cure: Holistic Solutions

Dogs In Grass

Natural remedies have been found throughout history for common ailments in people and pets. Plants, herbs, and other raw materials can all be used to create simple supplements that compliment your pet's overall health.

By investing in your pet's health before issues arise, you could save yourself some major money in vet bills and help your pet live a healthier life.

There are different methods that work for different animals. Find what works best for your pet! 

Natural Supplements

Whether it's treating inflammation, digestive upset, hip and joint strength, or even hairballs, health problems have a variety of solutions.

Understanding the root of the problem is helpful in determining what kind of treatment you want to seek. By keeping the overall picture of their health in mind it can narrow your decisions down. 

Plant Based Nutrition

Pet Releaf

CBD derived from hemp oil has become one of the fastest growing natural health solutions for both people and their pets. Learn more about the medicinal properties in CBD here.

It treats a wide variety of health issues due to its overall ability to help the body function better. Once the endocannabinoid system is activated, the nervous system is able to communicate two-ways throughout the body. This allows for not only pain reduction, but targeted analysis of how to fight infections, swelling, and even tumors.

Green Juju

Green Juju in dog food

A frozen supplement made locally in Seattle with bone broth, juiced vegetables, and turmeric. A simple way to add freshness to any meal, Green Juju is irresistible to dogs who often end up with a green beard from gobbling it down. Allow them to lick the container clean for extra cuteness!

Simply thaw it out, and add it to your pet's meal. It stays fresh for up to a week in the fridge, so those with smaller dogs may want to portion it into an ice cube container to keep it fresh.

Rescue Remedy

A great option for nervous animals or calming down your pet before travel. Rescue Remedy has been produced by Bach's for over a century. Each essential oil is added to the blend for a specific purpose, such as aspen for security, or vervain for relaxation. Check out their full list of ingredients here.


A natural source of Omega-3's and 6's, kelp is where the fish get their omega fix from. Kelp supplements are designed to cut out the middle-fish and provide your pet with direct seaweedy goodness.

Frozen Supplements

Fermented Fish Stock

It may sound strange, but this supplement has everything your pet needs to get its digestion back on track. Made from fish bone broth and fermented Portugese sardines, this supplement is an easy way to entice picky eaters while giving them something great.

The list of benefits is seemingly endless: joint health, hypothyroidism, liver detox, digestion health, skin and coat, diabetes, immune boosting, helps to expunge the kidney. The fermentation process makes it ultra-digestible so your pet is able to absorb it and their meal better than ever!

Raw Goat's Milk

Goat milk is the universal small animal milk. Packed with live probiotics and enzymes, goat milk can be absorbed and utilized by the body in 20 minutes.

If your pet has an upset stomach, just took antibiotics, needs to gain weight, or needs to strengthen their immune system, this is an excellent addition to their diet.

You can feed this supplement with food or on its own. Perfect for when you are switching foods to help ease any upset.

It is high in fat, so be careful of adding too much to your pet's diet!

Personalize for Your Pet

Each pet will react differently to medication or new supplements. Find what works best for the health of your animals while keeping an open mind about other options. While a calming aid in pill form may work for a while, a Thundershirt or pheromone collar may be a better long-term option.