Our Heroes: Blood Donor Animals

Mastiff Hug

January is National Blood Donor Month, and we want to highlight some often overlooked heroes: blood donor animals!

These brave animals save the lives of countless beloved pets that need a blood transfusion to survive an injury or surgery.

The good news is, just about any healthy and disease-free cat or dog with an easygoing personality can become one of these heroes! If you want to help contribute and think that your pet is an ideal donor, talk to your veterinarian about signing up.

Donor animals that have been cleared by the vet typically donate on a regularly scheduled basis for a limited amount of time. Some donors commit to every five weeks, while others donate once every few months. On-call donors are invaluable in situations where additional blood is needed right away.  

Won’t it be traumatic for my pet?

If your pet yowls in terror on the way to the vet and tries in vain to pretend he’s invisible in the exam room, then he’s probably not a good candidate.

There are many dogs and cats, however, that are easygoing enough to make it through the short appointment delighted with the extra attention and treats they received. Some vets keep donor animals as clinic pets due to their outgoing and relaxed temperament.

Aside from heartfelt thanks from vet staff and the patients that your pet would be saving, other benefits may include free blood tests and gift certificates - depending on your vet clinic.

Check it out, and save a life!