Local Pet Rescues We Highly Recommend

Over two-thirds of households in the US own pets, up from just over half of households. When considering pet ownership, it is easy to see just how much joy pets can bring to our lives. Here are a few health benefits of owning pets: They give us new skills, help us socialize, reduce our stress, encourage us to exercise, and contribute to our happiness! 

Are you considering adopting a new family member? Pet ownership can contribute to a healthy and happy life -- we encourage you to go rescue a furry friend today! 

Here in the Portland, Oregon area, there are many amazing organizations and rescues and we know it can be difficult navigating the various shelters, rescues and other pet adoption agencies. So, we've highlighted our favorite organizations here.

Dog + Cat Rescues:



Small Mammals: 

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Would you like to have your rescue or organization included here? Reach out to our team at hello@petsonbroadway.com and we will be in touch!