Preventing Problem Peeing in Dogs

Dogs are loving, playful, and loyal, but they can also be very, very naughty at times. Even after a dog is housebroken, accidents can happen. Here's what to do to prevent problem peeing in dogs. 

Step 1: Clean Up The Mess

Dog sniffing stain on carpet

When your dog has an accident, they leave behind a mixture of pheromones and chemicals which may encourage them to continue urinating in that spot. Whenever your dog makes a mess, you should go beyond paper towels. Nature's Miracle, an affordable and popular brand of cleaner, makes enzyme-based cleaners specially formulated for dog urine that completely eliminates the chemical triggers. They make cleaners as both spot cleaners and laundry additives, depending on which type of mess you need to clean. 

Step 2: Rule Out A Medical Issue

If your dog has an accident out of the blue, it may be time to go to the vet. Your veterinarian can rule out common medical issues that may cause accidents, including a urinary tract infection, pregnancy, kidney issues, or even diabetes. Don't immediately assume your dog is just being petty -- they may have a real reason for going to the bathroom inappropriately. 

Step 3: What Stresses Your Dog Out?

If your vet rules out a medical issue, then your problem is most likely stress or behavior related.  Think back over the last few weeks. Was there an unexpected visitor? Did you go on vacation? Did your work schedule change? Did outside time, playtime, or feeding time change? All of these can have an impact on how your dog goes to the bathroom. If your dog is anxious, changes to lifestyle and schedule can have an outsized impact. Find ways to introduce change slowly, and you may run into fewer issues. 

Step 4: Go Back To The Basics

Dog with leash in their mouth

Just like when you're training a puppy, to prevent problem peeing in dogs, you'll need to return to the basics. Take your dog out every few hours so that their bladder stays nice and empty. If they're peeing in a specific room, eliminate access to that room until they're back to behaving well. Make sure your dog can't access anything that they can ruin, and make sure they're not getting unexpected food from other pet food, human trash, or treasures that they find outside. 

If your dog's problem peeing habit doesn't resolve, it may be worth going back to your vet or consulting a certified behavioral trainer. You can also consult other dog owners through the internet, or helpful pet store staff like us. Good luck!