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Rotational Diets

Posted by Joe Morton on

Cat Licking It's Lips

The Benefits of Switching It up

No one likes eating the same food every single meal. Varying your pet's diet exposes them to a range of proteins, flavors, and can help prevent them from developing sensitivities to specific proteins.

If your pet has been on one specific type of food their entire life, it may take some coaxing to get them to try other foods. Make it fun for them by introducing wet food for dinner or a raw bar for breakfast!

You do not have to stick to one type of food throughout your pet's life. We like the variety of tastes and textures, and so does your animal!

Mix It Up!

Rotating your pet's diet is simple! Next time you buy pet food try a different protein source. If you picked chicken last time, try a fish or red meat for your next bag or can.

Avoid digestive upset by introducing new foods slowly. If you switch an animal cold turkey by replacing one food with another you could end up with a "surprise" in your litter box or on your walk.

Start by introducing 25% of the new food into their meal, and keep 75% of the bowl filled with the food they have been eating. Over the course of a few days, increase the new food and decrease the old. Continue increasing the ratio of the new food until you run out of the old food.

If you have an animal prone to indigestion try adding probiotics to the food to help the digestion process. Pumpkin and sweet potato are also proven to help slow the digestion process. They help to ensure that your pet is getting all possible nutrients from their food.

The Benefits

Digesting one kind of food will eventually deplete your pet's digestive system and slow their metabolism.

While food is produced to provide your pet with the proper vitamins and minerals, some animals digest certain proteins better than others. By switching their food you will be giving them access to a broader spectrum of nutrition.

Introducing a new food for their body to digest keeps their metabolism strong, and eventually, their body will get better at reacting to and digesting different foods.

Fresh is Best

Dog catching treat in the airBy refreshing your pet's food, you will help their body get used to recognizing and digesting different proteins. Rotational diets can be especially beneficial for younger animals in order to introduce as many protein sources as possible to strengthen immunity and gut health.

Do not be afraid to try new foods! Even the finickiest cat has their second favorite flavor.

Keep your options fresh and watch their anticipation for meal time grow!