Spotlight on Nulo

Nulo Owner

For October's Food of the Month program, we are proud to partner with one of the best pet nutrition companies, Nulo. Nulo is one of our most popular brands here at Pets on Broadway and it's easy to see why. Nulo, where nutrition meets love in every bite, is committed to providing healthy, low-glycemic ingredients that'll help keep your pet fueled and sustained all day long. 

Read on to learn what inspired the creation of Nulo, and how this company is helping dogs and cats everywhere to live their best lives. 

Nulo’s Story 

Upon launching the largest pet care company in California, Nulo’s founder Michael Landa became aware of a problem plaguing dogs everywhere: canine diabetes. In researching the issue, he realized that the problem involved the subpar ingredients found in many dog food brands. Being a dedicated and concerned dog owner, he decided to create a higher-quality food and treats. 

Intentional Ingredients 

Realizing that some types of dog food weren't much better than junk food, Michael worked with experts, creating products with highly beneficial ingredients for both canines and felines. Nulo's formula boasts high-protein, low-carb, and low-glycemic elements while avoiding unnecessary fillers, by-products, or preservatives. Nulo also includes probiotics in their recipes to balance the digestive system by helping healthy gut flora flourish. 

The Benefits 

While Nulo’s formulas provide countless benefits to dogs and cats lucky enough to be fed their delicious foods, the company's species-appropriate products also help resolve three main issues:

Helps Build Muscle 

The high, animal-based protein content in Nulo caters to cats' and dogs' carnivore natures. Protein builds muscle, leading to stronger, healthier, and more active cats and dogs. 

Maintains Healthy Weight 

The reduced carbs in Nulo's formula helps dogs and cats maintain a healthy weight, allowing them to access their natural energy stores and move like they should. Without excess weight on their bones, canines and felines are happier, healthier, and free from joint pain.  

Boosts Their Immune System   

The patented probiotics included in Nulo’s formula encourages healthy gut flora to thrive, balancing out any digestive issues in the process. Because many health issues stem from an imbalanced gut, this is hugely beneficial for dogs’ and cats’ overall health. 

Nulo Products Your Pet Will Love 

To get an idea of what you’ll find with Nulo, here are a few examples of their products for your pet to try: 

Nulo Freestyle Lamb Product Line

FreeStyle Grain Free Lamb and Chickpeas Recipe Dry Dog Food 

This dry formula is an excellent choice for doggos with chicken sensitivities. The 81% protein content is sourced from high-quality lamb, turkey, and salmon, and includes a patented probiotic to aid digestive issues. 

Nulo Freestyle Cat Signature Stews Product

FreeStyle Signature Stews Grain Free Yellowfin Tuna & Crab Recipe Wet Cat & Kitten Food 

This delicious seafood stew provides cats with the two things they need the most, but often don’t get enough of. The high protein content satisfies their carnivorous nature, while the high moisture content provides them with the hydration they need to thrive.  

Functional Immune Chews Seasonal Allergy Support Soft & Chewy Dog Supplements 

Nulo Supplement Chews

These yummy chews are a game changer for dogs suffering from seasonal allergies.. Formulated with a handful of beneficial ingredients to soothe the histamine response, these soft chews are as much a relief as they are a delicious treat!  

Feeding for Life 

Dogs and cats need species-appropriate, high-quality food to live their best lives. Nulo offers provides quality treats and food to help keep your canine and feline friends happy and healthy. To learn more about Nulo and other nutritional products for your pet, visit   

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