Spring Cleaning: De-Shedding Your Pet & Home

Spring Cleaning Dog

Grooming is a key element in keeping your pet healthy and happy! While not all pets need a monthly trip to the groomer, keeping their coats brushed can help cut down on the pet hair that seems to get everywhere around the house.

De-Shedders (not as scary as they sound)

Using a de-shedding blade or undercoat rake such as the Furminator will help cut down on how much hair your pet sheds.

De-shedders are designed to pull out the undercoat hair. Most of our furry animals have an undercoat, but breeds such as poodles, terrier breeds, and curly haired dogs, such as Bichon Frise, have single coats, and de-shedders will not work on them.

The undercoat is what sheds from your dog or cat. Shedding occurs when there is a two-degree temperature difference; switching rooms can cause hair shedding. We like to think of Spring as "shedding season" because coats grow extra insulation in the winter, and your pet sheds the extra fur in the springtime.

When used properly, de-shedders will not hurt your pet! Start out slowly by introducing the de-shedder and providing treats and praise, let your pet sniff it but do not let them bite the tool.

Limit your sessions to 10-15 minutes twice per week. While it feels like you can keep pulling out hair, it is possible to pull out too much of the undercoat which protects them from the elements. Use quick short strokes and always stop at any signs of distress.

Rubber curry combs (like the Kong Zoom Groom) can also help reduce shedding and refresh the skin. Curry combs act more like massagers and work great as an alternative to de-shedders. Being made of rubber also makes them perfect to work shampoo in at bath time.

Positively reinforce a good grooming session with plenty of treats and praise. 

Pet Hair Gets Everywhere

Person Cuddling White Cat

You've done it, made it out the house after using a lint roller. You check the back of your pants and there it is. White cat hair on black pants.

It's impossible to completely stop our pets from shedding, but there are plenty of ways to help reduce the hair around your home.

Surfaces and Solutions

  • Fabric
    • Rubber gloves
      • putting a damp rubber glove on and working it on fabric in a circular motion will cause the hair to collect in small clumps
    • Squeegees
      • when dealing with large areas (such as carpets, couches, or cars), dampen the fabric and pull a squeegee in short quick motions across it
  • Wood
    • Using an anti-static cleaner will eliminate the electric charge of the hair, making it easier to wipe up with a sponge.
    • Rubber brooms are used at doggie daycares to help gather all the hair at the end of the day! Using this on hardwood or tile is simple and effective.
  • Vacuuming
    • For pet hair, try using a vacuum with an upright canister. It's less likely to clog!
    • Try to not stir up the pet hair too much or more will end up in the air than your vacuum.
  • Clothing
    • Keeping a lint roller in your bag, car, or right by the door can help with clean ups on the go.
    • Throw your clothes in the dryer for 10 minutes along with a dryer sheet or ball (which have anti-static properties) to help the hair find its way to the lint trap.

    Good luck and happy Spring Cleaning!

    Below are some of Pets On Broadway's favorite De-Shedding Tools! Check them out!