Treat Your Pet to a Spa Day

With human and pet spas alike having stringent requirements and weird hours, it can be hard to find that "me time" for you or your pet. Why not do it together? Treat your pet to a spa day with this handy guide. 

Brush Your Furry Friend

Not sure about how Fido will feel about a spa day? That's ok! Let's get into it with some simple brushing. Most dogs and even cats love to be brushed, as long as you find the correct brush and make sure that they're enjoying themselves. For thick-haired animals, you'll need to brush them regularly to avoid mats. For thin-haired animals, use a softer brush to avoid overstimulating their skin. 

Bath Time!

If your dog or cat is scared of the bath, you may want to skip this step or spend some time trying to make water fun. For example, some dogs love swimming in creeks and lakes, but "bath time" can still freak them out. If you've got an animal really resistant to baths, you can always try a dry shampoo. Whatever you do, make sure to keep the experience positive and playful so that they take away good memories. 

Nail Trims

Who doesn't love a manicure? Some pets are awfully wary of them. But some high-quality treats and lots of patience can change that for them -- and for you. An important part of a pet spa day is the nail care that you'll give your pet. If you've got a cat and don't have any specific nail trimmers handy, you can trim their nails using normal fingernail clippers. If you're worried about inappropriate scratching, be sure to have plenty of cardboard scratchers and posts to keep those claws occupied! If you've got a dog, we recommend scissor-style clippers with a safety mechanism to help you with your dogs' nails. Remember, if they're scared, take it slow and make it fun! Tip: if you need a big distraction for your pup's nail trim, smear a bunch of peanut butter or EZ Cheese on a wall. They'll be too busy enjoying a tasty snack to care about what you're doing to their paws!

Paw Balms For Special Paws

Ok, so you've done the bath and the nails and the brushing -- what's left? Paw balms! Paw balms are a great way to keep your dog or cat's paws feeling soft and fresh. Paw balms are safe for your pet, even if they lick it a little. They also protect your pet's feet from hot surfaces if they venture outside in these warmer, summer months. Our favorite paw balm for dogs & cats is Dermapaw! 

Well, there you have it! You can add the finishing touch to your pet's spa day with a cool collar, handkerchief, or ribbon. Make sure to spend lots of time cuddling and playing with your pet when you're done. Their special day is your special day, too!