Bird Supplies

Pets on Broadway has a large selection of bird supplies here in Portland!

On top of our supplies for bird care, we also carry a variety of birds!

Our selection varies, and we often have smaller birds such as finches, canaries, and parakeets as well as the medium-sized birds such as conures and quaker parrots!

If you come to visit our crowd of happy birds, you are bound to fall in love!

Our Portland bird selection is constantly changing so it is best to come in a see what we have on hand.

You may want to stop by and say hello to Rosie sometime, (the resident Lilac Crested Amazon parrot) who lives at the shop. You never know, she might even start a conversation with you!

Need a Special Order? Wonder if we carry a specific product you are looking for in the store? No problem! Give us a call today at (503) 282-5824!

Check out some of our best sellers below, or use the handy-dandy search bar up at the top to find just what you are looking for!

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